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Hello My Dear Readers,

The changing season has brought about a change in my skincare routine also.

We are moving onto the breezy bright sunny warm days of the springtime from the cold chilly days of the wintertime.

 My skin has started to get more oily as the days are progressing. Oily skin acquires more dust and grime especially if one is out during a windy day.  

So, besides the basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine I like to include a deep cleaning regime in my skincare routine twice a week to get rid of any deep seated impurities within my pores. For this purpose I use a face mask.

I recently bought the NEEM TULSI MUD PACK from FABINDIA.

 It comes in a plastic jar or a tub which costs RS. 225/- . There is 100 ml of product within the tub. The packaging is sober and decently attractive.

The product looks and feels like liquid mud and even smells like wet mud with a mild calming Tulsi fragrance although the Neem I’m not sure if I can really smell.

 I apply the pack with my fingers and lie down and let the product absorb all the gunk from my pores for atleast 15 minutes.

The pack feels cool on the skin and my skin feels smooth and toned when I wash off the pack.

One downside I felt was after washing off the pack my facial skin was left slightly reddish especially on my T-Zone. This could be due to the Neem extract or Tulsi oil present in the pack which probably caused the tingling sensation when the pack wass on the skin although they (the legend on the pack) claim that the Tulsi oil helps soothe the skin. But don’t quote me on this guys.
On the whole I feel the product does a good job by giving my facial skin a deep cleaning spa treatment sort of an effect. Sounds Luxurious J
 It has even been effective in keeping my skin away from the zits and pimples over the past few weeks. Must give this face pack some credit. I`m not saying I will or will not purchase it again but I would definitely be trying out other  face packs from Fabindia for sure since I do happen to be impressed with this product so far.

Product Name: Fabindia Neem Tulsi Mud Pack

Product Type : Face Pack

Availability : Fabindia Outlets, Online Cosmetic Shopping Sites

Product Packaging : Plastic Jar / Tub

Quantity : 100 ml

Price : Rs 225/-

Color : Mud colored

Texture :  Smooth wet mud-like with interspersed Neem and Tulsi leaf flecks

Smell : Mild Earthy Fragrance

Usage : 1-2 times /week on clean towel-dried face

Effect : Deep cleaning of facial pores, Skin toning, Skin soothing, Refining skin texture.

Side- Effect : Slight tingling of the skin, Slight redness of face.

Overall Satisfaction : 90%
'By IndianBeautyReviewer'

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