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They say that don’t let the world know when you are too happy coz then the world looks back at you with an ulterio motive and they also say that don’t let the world know when you are too sad coz then the world doesn’t take too long to hit your spore spot.

So that’s why we need to CONCEAL, CONCEAL and CONCEAL !!!

On a serious note MAYBELLINE New York DREAM LUMI touche  HIGHLIGHTING CONCEALER is a boon for us all. Atleast for me for sure.

It comes in a handy pen design with an in-built brush at the tip and a lid for protecting it from the dirt and grime.

The product is contained within the body of the concealer pen.

Its hind end is twistable and it pushes the product out from the brush-tip end.

It is available in three shades….IVORY (For very light complexions), BUFF (For medium skinned), and HONEY (For darker skinned) chicas.

I usually apply the product on the back of my clean hand ad dab the product onto the area I wanna conceal. This gives a thin layer of coverage.  Occassionally, I take the oozing droplet on the brush-tip of the concealer pen and place it directly onto any skin imperfections that I wanna conceal when I wanna heavier coverage. And I`m done. Its that easy.

The product easily gets blended onto the skin and also stays put until the wee hours of the day. I noticed that here wasn`t any need of touching it up at all. It wasn`t sticky at all, infact felt quite velvety to the touch.
But just a teeny tiny disadvantage is that the product gets smeared  inside the cap/lid on closing it in a hurry. That`s all. this product. Will definitely buy it again.

Product Name: Maybelline New York Dream Lumi touche Highlighting Concealer

Product Type: Liquid Concealer

Availability : All Maybelline Counters, Online Cosmetic Shopping Sites

Product Packaging : Plastic twistable pen design with built-in brush tip

Quantity : 0.05 FL OZ

Price : Rs 450/-

Color : Three skin colored shades : IVORY, BUFF, HONEY

Texture :  Thick velvetty smooth liquid

Smell : Smells like a Compact Powder

Usage : Anytime you wanna conceal imperfections

Effect : Conceals and evens out the skin imperfections to match with the rest of the face

Side - Effect : Haven’t really noticed any.

Overall Satisfaction : 95%

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'


  1. Sounds quite good! would love to try if i can find my shade! :)

  2. Hi Garima :)
    I suggest you visit any Maybelline counter and try the testers ... There won't be much difficulty in picking out your shade as there are only 3 shades to choose from :)


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