Today I’m gonna talk about an absolute favorite lipstick of mine that I own since 3 years. It’s a lipstick which is very well suited for the approaching Spring-Summer season. It’s called IMMODEST. The name itself suggests what a bold colored lipstick it would be and what an attractive aura it would build around its wearer. Ha Ha Ha,  I got a bit carried away but just look at it, who wouldn’t get carried away by this weapon of destruction (The Lipstick I mean ;)!
It is a bright creamy long lasting fuschia colored lipstick which belongs to the permanent collection of MAC lipsticks. It feels amazingly smooth on application and just glides on the lips. The color is super trendy and is almost like a neon pink shade. It brightens up my face whenever I wear it. It is included in MATTENE segment of MAC but is more creamy looking than matte and is therefore semi-matte. Its not at all drying and lasts for atleast 5 to 6 hours if not displaced too much by lip movement during eating and drinking. If worn for too long then on removal it leaves a beautiful pinky stain on the lips which wears off in a few hours. So many good qualities in one lipstick? Well, if you don’t believe it, see the effect for yourself in the following pictures :
Now I don’t remember the exact price of it but I know it was somewhere near Rs. 1500. The product is 2.3g / 0.08 US OZ in the tube and is available in all MAC outlets worldwide.