Chanel Mat Lumie`re

Luminous Matte Powder Makeup SPF 10

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who`s the fairest of the all !

No No No… don’t get me wrong…I`m no snowwhite, but I do feel like a princess when I apply the Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup with SPF 10 in the shade 50 Poudre’

Just like its lengthy name, this powder makeup stays put on your face for a long time, I’d say for about a good 7 to 8 hrs. It basically mattifies the skin by absorbing the excess oil. It also sets the foundation in place along with the added benefit of giving a velvety smooth finish to the face.

Like the name suggests I also see a luminosity (glow) on my face which is a fantastic thing to have just by applying a face powder rather than having to apply a separate shimmer cream underneath my foundation. I apply the product in thin layers with a powder/buffer brush and blend well instead of slapping the product on my face. This also gives me a decent coverage and occasionally I even skip my foundation or BB Cream and just rely on my Concealer and Chanel Powder. 

The packaging is a shiny black chic plastic case (real good quality) with the Chanel logo imprinted on the top of the lid right in the centre. The plastic case is placed within a black velvette pouch which lends another luxurious feel to the product. The velvette pouch is open from one side and there is no hassle of a zipper and the like which can hamper the powder case’s smooth sliding in and out of the pouch. Even the pouch has the Chanel logo imprint. Too much of Chanel is never a bad thing ! Wah! Maza aa gaya!:) 

So much so for the exterior. Now the interior. 

Btw I can see my reflection onto the plastic packaging before I attempt to open it, its that shiny ! There is a button on the case in the center which when I press, the top lid opens. There is a large mirror on the inside of the lid. On the left half of the bottom container is the luxurious pressed powder and on the right half is placed the sponge for its application. Both are protected with a thick plastic cover which sits well over the two rectangular areas hoarding the product and the sponge.The package has little holes underneath the sponge which helps aerate the sponge if used wet and thus prevents multiplication of bacteria and the like. The powder is also enriched with SPF 10 to help protect from sun damage. 

On touching the product with clean fingers I feel the smoothest sensation and the product is also very easily able to blend with the surrounding skin. I don’t see any shimmer or glitter even though the powder is described as Luminous which is a really good thing. 

Swatch of the powder

After blending the powder 
I almost forgot to mention about the little booklet which is also included in the pouch in which are mentioned the various good things this product can do and a picture representation of how to change the product tray once its completely empty. The description is given in several languages for the convenience of users in the international market for Chanel. 

Technical Details : 

External Packaging : Curved Rectangular shiny black plastic packaging with the Chanel logo imprint, encased in a black velvette pouch. 

Internal Look : A grand mirror on the top lid and the pressed powder and the sponge on the bottom case. 

Type : Luminous Matte Powder Makeup with zero shimmer or glitter. 

Texture : Velvetty smooth Powder 

Effect : Matte with a hint of Luminosity. 

My Shade : 50 Poudre’ 

Net Wt. : 0.045 Oz or 13 g 

Place of Purchase : Chanel Store; Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi, India 

MRP : Rs.3,3000/- 

Will I Buy it again ?…Undoubtedly Yes !!!