BFFs L`oreal Cherry Crush and Maybelline Glam 9

BFFs L`oreal Cherry Crush and  Maybelline Glam 9

Hey Everyone,

Its time I started talking about all that makeup n stuff I recently blogged about.
I`m enjoying wearing my latest Lipstick and Lipgloss combination these days. They`re like two BFFs. Yeah seriously they`re so similar it`s hard to differentiate them if it was not for their packaging.
I`m talking about the L`oreal Lipstick in Cherry Crush and the Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 9.

They are the yummiest girlie pink shades so suitable and refreshing for this Summer season when the Neon shades are a rage. And what better, they do have a certain bit of subtle neon quality about them, especially the Lipstick, which makes them all the more desirable, although the Lippolish is a bit more daily wear pink kinds. But their combi is like the perfect BFFs turning into the perfect Barbie Doll Pink / Bubble Gum Pink shade on the lips.




L`oreal Cherry Crush is priced at Rs. 899/- for 4.2g and Maybelline Glam 9 is priced at Rs 499/- for 5ml. Yes pretty expensive for someone like me so frequently shelling out money for buying new products constantly. After all there is soooo much to buy always !

Now moving onto the Packaging and Textures.


The Loreal Cherry Crush Lipstick comes in this beautiful supershiny golden to rose gold packaging with the lock depicting the Lipstick shade on the outside of the packaging which is very convenient if u plan to buy a few of these. The lock is decently tight and the lipstick is very lightweight. But most importantly when i applied it on my lips its just glided and it felt sooooo very light, that i almost forgot I was wearing any lipstick after some time till i glanec onto the mirror was that lightweight and comfortable. Its look is matte but it didn’t leave my lips dry like most matte lipsticks do. Infact my lips felt moisturised after i took it off. The staying power was decent ...about 4-5 hours but i noticed that it had a tendency to settle within my lip creases and after about two hours of wear i had to redistribute the color on my lips so it looked even.

The Maybelline Glam 9 Lip Polish....Its really not a Polish....Maybelline has produced ubershiny Lip Polishes in the past which had immense staying power and ease of application contrary to this new so called Lip Polish Glam Range. These are more of Balmy Lip Glosses than Lip Polishes. The packaging is although cute and handy. The brush could have been better....I don’t know if its the shape or the fibre on it but it did not give me an even application on first go and it had a tendency to accumulate at places on the lips.  I had to keep spreading the “Lip  Polish” on my lips to get an even application and a slight effort was required to evenly redistribute it. Not to mention i was disappointed with the Shine Factor.

Overall I would highly recommend buying the Loreal Cherry Crush Lipstick but I could easily give the Maybelline Lip Polish a miss the next time I go out looking for a basic pink lipgloss.

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'

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