L`oreal Paris SuperLiner Gelmatic Pens

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 ,

Hi Girls,

Another of my recent make-up buys were the L`oreal Paris SuperLiner Gelmatic Pens. 
These are gel-based twistable Pencil Eyeliners that have been recently launched by L`oreal Paris in India as a part of their L`Or Lumiere Collection.
Price of each is Rs. 425 for 3g.

They have been launched in a variety of gorgeous shades but I purchased two of them based on my requirement. I needed something shimmery yet subtle enough for daywear and these eyeliners perfectly fit the criteria. I bought the shades Glamour Gold and Deep Brown. The swatches are below.


I broke the tip of the golden one while swatching it. This usually happens when the product is old and dried out but I guess they are a bit too delicate and have to be dealt with caution.

The eyeliners when applied on the eyes are not too creamy as one would expect a liner of gel consistency to be. Infact a couple of strokes are required to bring out its true color. Although once that`s done the colors are simply beautiful.

They are unique shades and have somewhat of a neutral quality to them, even the bright shades I saw in the store. They are very much work appropriate or great for daytime wear due to this quality and looked stunning with my brown eyes. Pigmentation is amazing and the shimmer effect is the star of the show. Staying power is great. The liner doesn`t budge from its place for the whole day!

BUT, BUT, BUT... there was a big disappointment in my case. 

After about half an hour of getting tonnes of compliments about how beautiful my eyes looked that day...MY EYES STARTED WATERING LIKE CRAZY and TURNED RED :(((((
There was no burning or itching as such but I could barely keep them open...I took off the eyeliner with my makeup remover and washed them thoroughly with a gentle foaming facewash. And MAN WAS I RELIEVED!

I immediately inferred that there was some ingredient in those eyeliners that irritated my eyes. I do have sensitive eyes but I was really sad that that they acted up at this occasion when I was soooo excited to have bought them and use them and even get compliments about them.

I looked helplessly at those pieces of marvel lying on my dresser and decided I will sell them off in a blog sale. Anyone interested in buying them please comment below.

So I highly recommend trying them out on your eyes before purchasing them. And if allergy is not a problem, then they are a brilliant buy.
'By IndianBeautyReviewer'

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