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Maybelline Newyork Colorsensational Lip Polish : GLAM 16

Sent to me for reviewing by MAYBELLINE NEWYORK, INDIA

Price as you all can see as mentioned in the packaging is Rs. 450/- for  5 ml quantity of product.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 16 has a  a plastic packaging through which the color of the product is very clearly visible so that makes it very easy to pick out a shade while buying one or while searching for your favorite color from your makeup stash.

Maybelline  Newyork Colorsensational Lip Polish : GLAM 16
At the bottom of the tube the Shade No. is clearly mentioned

Lid is twistable with a black wand and the brush is somewhat pear-shaped with very soft bristles.

A close-up of the brush applicator

SWATCH  :  Maybelline Newyork Colorsensational Lip Polish : GLAM 16

Texture of Glam 16 is somewhere between a gloss and cream...somewhat like a gel cream...
Its a perfect blend of cream, gel and glossy consistencies and thus serves to moisturize and provide shine both

The color is a very very VERY  light pinkish browny maroon with the finest Golden shimmer ...The shimmer is quite clearly visible on the botton lip... 

Glam 16 is one of those hard to find shades...its not a light pink, not a light brown  and not even a maroon...Its just a very unique shade which is light enough to wear during the daytime. And I`m somehow convinced that it is the golden shimmer in the lip poilish which is the reason for giving Glam 16 that unique color quality.

The staying power of Glam 16 is about 4-5 hours at the max and you will need a reapplication for either getting the color back or the shine back.

Me wearing Glam 16  with a Black Eyeliner on top lid

Me wearing Glam 16  with Maybelline Colossal Turquoise Eye Kohl/ Eyeliner 

So which one is your favorite Maybelline Glam Lip Polish ?

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'

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