Maybelline NewYork PINK ALERT Colorsensational Lipstick : POW4 Honey Nectar

Saturday, July 12, 2014 ,

Reviewing the POW 4 Lipstick (Bright Pink Color : Honey Nectar) from the Pink Alert Collection of Lipsticks by Maybelline NewYork. It is a part of the Colorsensational range of Color Cosmetics by Maybelline NewYork.

Maybelline NewYork PINK ALERT Colorsensational Lipstick : POW4 Honey Nectar

It was sent to me by the prestigious Maybelline New York Company (Thankyou once again) just a few days ago for reviewing and ever since the day it has reached me I have been wearing it notoriously...he he he :) Thank Heavens I photographed it earlier !

Anyways, so the foremost striking feature of this lipstick is not its packaging nor the color (that ofcourse yes, but that comes later) but its name .... POW 4.

Have you heard of the better and more effective fourth generation drugs now being devised to cure all sorts of tough diseases? Just like them this lipstick seems to me to be like a fourth generation cosmetic devised to please and elate the hard to please women of today .
A POTENT PLEASING PINK POTION in a creamy stick equals POW 4.

I can almost imagine myself in a doc`s clinic being prescribed POW 4 by a doc and being advised, “U need to use POW 4 atleast morning n` evening to cure your illness !”  
LOL :))))))) ... Ooooffffff  my wild imagination !

The color looks like is a beautiful intense bright pink in the stick. On application (ofcourse on lips :p) it glided pretty smoothly and gave a flush of gorgeous pink color to my lips in the first go itself. A few more strokes and the color turned into almost a shocking pink. I could definitely see some coral undertones also.




Immediately, I thought of a lipcolor by Mac called Impassioned. It is part of their permanent collection and a hot favourite of mine. It is one of my all time favourite lip colors by Mac. So I can easily say that POW 4 is an almost perfect dupe for Mac Impassioned. 


Only that POW 4 is a tad bit more shiny and moisturizing (which is certainly a good thing) than Mac Impassioned which comes out as semi-matte on my lips and dries them out a little bit.

POW4 also doesn’t leave behind any stain after removal whereas Mac Impassioned leaves behind a clear fluorescent pink sort of stain which itself lasts for a few hours.

Lasting power of POW 4 is around 6 to 8 hours with eating and drinking in between. Not bad at all. It stays put in its place and I did not notice any bleeding of color, just a slight wearing off of the color which is quite legitimate for any lip color after several hours of hanging in there.

Priced  is Rs. 375/- for 3.9 g of product. Very reasonable.

I`m mentioning the packaging at the last coz its not one of my favourite things regarding POW4. It is pretty basic with a silver housing and a transparent pink lid. The lid sits over the shiny silver square base of the lipstick which when twisted makes the lipstick glide out.

So all in all I feel POW 4 is not just a luxury to have but a necessity. 
According to me it can do loads of good to a woman.  Please take it atleast twice a day :)

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'


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