Oriflame 'MORE by Demi' NAIL POLISH Review

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 ,

Hi, Hope you all are doing well ? 
Does it sound a bit formal ? 

Well thats what beginning of the week signifies...Office work, routine and the dragwalk to the office after the weekend fun ! But work doesn`t have to be boring nomore. We girls have a major advantage of shifting our moods in any direction we want simply with the choice of the shades we choose for doing our makeup. Not only with colors can we spice up our wardrobe but cheer up our moods as well and gear up for the most heinous tasks ahead of us. 

So I`m gonna show you all two nail enamel shades which are appropriate for work/office and the like and are not only sophisticated but have that pizzzzaaaz quality which can make any get up look put together and chic! I`m talking about the nail enamels from Oriflame. These were sent to me by Oriflame, India for reviewing. I have worn both these shades during the past week and they were a pleasure to sport on my fingernails.

In the Box... Frontview : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polishes

In the Box... Rearview : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish

 In the Bottle...Frontview : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polishes in  TEA ROSE (Left) and BROWN (Right)

 In the Bottle...Rearview : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  TEA ROSE (Left) and
BROWN (Right)

  Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  TEA ROSE 

Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  BROWN 

These nail enamels are a part of the “More by Demi” Collection for which the brand ambassador is Demi Moore. She looks sultry in every pic in the Oriflame Catalogue. She is perfect woman to represent this collection as the makeup palette, lipstick and nail enamel shades are sophistication personified just like Demi Moore herself.  The collection depicts  Hollywood glamour meets fairy tale splendour !

The glass nailpoish bottles are rectangular with a golden lid onto which I can see myself very clearly...Yes, I do have a mirror in my house...I was only hinting at the packaging quality! The nail polishes are priced at Rs. 399/-  for a 7ml / 0.2 fl. Oz bottle.

Side view  with swatches: Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  TEA ROSE (Top) and
BROWN (Bottom)

Top view with swatches : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  TEA ROSE (Top) and BROWN (Bottom)

The first shade is named TEA ROSE which is a neutral shade with baby pink undertones or should I say it is a baby pink with neutral undertones...either way it is a beautiful light shade which looks close to natural when worn on the nails. The second shade is a dark brown color named BROWN. It has hint of maroon undertones. Both these shades are capable of making an outfit look put together.

The texture of both the nail polishes is quite creamy-looking and the consistency is pretty thick. The colors are bold and rich. They give an even finish in the first application itself. The after effect is a high gloss finish of the nail enamel. 

But a slight drawback that I noticed was that the nail polishes took around 10-15 minutes to dry. Being the impatient creature that I am, 15 minutes was pretty long for me to not fidget with anything around. I am quite used to the quickdrying nail enamels and almost always end up denting my polish if it takes too long to dry. It would be really nice if we could get the exact same creamshine finish with a fast drying formula.

It doesn`t stain the nails much after removal (another hint that good quality ingredients have been used) and removal is easy with a regular nailpolish remover. 

SWATCH : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  TEA ROSE 

SWATCH : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in  BROWN

On Nails : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in BROWN 

On Nails : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in BROWN

On Nails : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in TEA ROSE

On Nails : Oriflame “MORE by Demi” Nail Polish in TEA ROSE

I would recommend these nail enamels if you want great looking quality nail enamels for your nails. The packaging is beautiful and the enamels are decently priced. They look awesome after drying and has a very smooth and high shine glossy finish and thats the main point which impressed me. Just be sure you give the enamel have enough time to dry before you start using your hands for any other work.

My rating : 8.5 /10 
Points deducted only because of slow drying.

C U all Soon :X

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'


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