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Hello Ladies :)))

I am so excited to share my latest Haul with you all :)))))))))))) 

I couldn`t control the urge anymore to order me some goodies from the so buzzed about website PRETTYSECRETS.COM
I had been eyeing it for sometime but only recently did some shopping for some necessary items that  I needed. (Necessary ?... Well,  everything I  buy online or offline I feel is necessary though to some it may not feel like so ! )  
Anyways, so the package arrived and I was thrilled :))) I pulled out my camera and immediately started the work for you all to have a look at what and how Prettysecret serves its products to its clients...So here`s the deal ...

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  This is how I received it ...

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  Just tore it open... Ha Ha Ha (Please excuse my impatience of not opening the package neatly and  taking a neat pic )

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  Two beautiful coral pink cardboard boxes emerged...with the lovely Prettysecrets logo ...the cute bow... right on top

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  Thats how the boxes look from below... Did you all notice the round stickers with which the lid is sealed...feminity to the core...I`m all about the details...
PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  On opening the boxes... 

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  When I opened the boxes...My stuff was wrapped in white tissue paper (I just love things wrapped in tissue paper)... Extremely pleased with the packaging..There were surprise gifts in each box  as well...Wow :)

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  I ordered these Berry Active Full Length pants to wear while going for walks or just lounging around at home... Just adore the glittery Prettysecrets logo on the left side
PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  Full view of the Berry Active Full Length pants
PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  I also ordered some sleepwear... Sleeping Shorts ... They are so cute looking, the fabric is really soft and they supercomfy to sleep in...

PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :  Next was this lingerie...
I was a little apprehensive about putting up these pics here (for obvious reasons) but then I thought...Oh, what the fish...I`ll do it... coz the whole idea of  me writing this blog was to give my readers a clear perspective on that they get help while making their own choices .

So anyways,  I ordered the Soft Nude with Pink Lining Allure Invisi-Bra which was available at a  BUY 2 GET 1 OFFER...currently running on Prettysecrets... so that`s what I did... I ordered two and got one  free... I can describe them in detail but all I would like to say here is that they very comfortable. 
PRETTYSECRETS.COM HAUL :   Soft Nude with Pink Lining Allure Invisi-Bra : How they look from the back/inside
And last but not the least were these surprise gifts that came out of the boxes...These are coasters made out of foam with the comic style art on them which look really cool sitting on my study...Thankyou  Prettysecrets :)
So that completes my Prettysecrets Haul...I hope you all enjoyed reading/watching it as much as I did receiving the items...
As always please don`t forget to share your views regarding this haul or  if have any personal experiences / recommendations while shopping from Prettysecrets...I would love to know about them :)

C U All Soon ... : X

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'

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