KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger Collection

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I have a Collection Review for all of you today. This is regarding the Bath and Body Range by Kronokare.

Kronokare is an Aromatherapy Inspired Cruelty-Free Vegetarian Cosmetic Company. Their products are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphates) and Paraben Free and the Company is against animal testing which I fully support. SLS and Parabens are added to make the products anti-bacterial and prolong their shelf-life. They also create the foam  that most of the cleaning products have. But in the long run SLS and Parabens can cause all kinds of skin damage ranging from mild skin and eye irritations to severe allergic reactions.

So instead Kronokare focuses on retaining the original qualities of the plant extracts used in their products. Concentration is on bringing out their real scents and real benefits on body and mind. They say that they work with the natural world around them and so the products naturally work !

Kronokare has a wide range of products from hydrating to detoxifying, energizing to relaxing and a variety of  herbal extracts are used in the products  like Lavender, Ginger, Citrus, Neroli,  Bergamot, Geranium, Frankincense, Peppermint and many more.
Kronokare was kind enough to send me the products from their Caribbean Ginger Collection to try out and I enjoyed them a lot. Thankyou Kronokare :)

Caribbean Ginger Collection is a Detoxifying Range of five products :

SURE TO BE PURE Shampoo   
DETOX THE LOCKS Hair Conditioner   
DETOX ON THE ROCKS Glycerine Soap  
FABULOUS FIX Body Lotion   

KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger Collection

All the above products contain natural extracts of Ginger and Lemon. Ginger and Lemon purify and detox the skin and clean from inside and out and the smell also works its aromatherapy magic.

As soon as I opened the package, the very tropical smell of these products from the Caribbean Ginger Range simply mesmerized me. They all smelled very similar, obviously coz they are from the same range. The smell was like an extremely sugary and zesty pinacolada mixed with an intense shot of spicy ginger juice taken out from freshly crushed ginger...Can you all imagine it ? Just awesssommeee !!!

Packaging for the products is a plastic squeezy bottle which has the nozzle under the lid on the cap. The product comes out of pressing the bottle lightly. The lid closes pretty tight and I did not notice any leaking of the liquid on keeping the bottles horizontally for a long time. The cap on the bottle can also be twisted away from it but I doubt there would be any need for that.

SURE TO BE PURE Shampoo :  60 ml - Rs. 105/- ,  220 ml – Rs. 325/-
The shampoo is a colorless liquid with the exact same smell I described above. Infact all the products from this range have the same smell so I won`t mention it every single time I describe the products from this range. It is quite a moisturizing and mild shampoo, though it is not mentioned on the packaging whether it is mild enough to be used everyday. It has essential oils of Lemon and Ginger and it claims to purify and detoxify the scalp and hair. The lather created was not too much as the shampoo is SLS free but it cleaned my oil soaked hair quite well. My hair was left decently soft after the first wash and the smell lingered on for around two days.

KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger SURE TO BE PURE Shampoo 
KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger  SURE TO BE PURE Shampoo 

DETOX THE LOCKS Hair Conditioner :  60 ml - Rs. 115/- ,  220 ml – Rs. 345/-
The conditioner is a white creamy liquid and it not a very intense smelling product. It did a decent job at moisturizing and conditioning my hair.

KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger DETOX THE LOCKS Hair Conditioner 
KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger  DETOX THE LOCKS Hair Conditioner 

DETOX ON THE ROCKS Glycerine Soap :  50 gm - Rs. 85/- , 150 gm – Rs. 195/-
This soap is a light tangerine colored  translucent soap and is  one of the best ones I have tried in ages, almost at par with an export range of soaps manufactured in the city where I live in. Some day I will review them for sure. So Detox on the Rocks is a mild glycerine based soap and is very gentle on the skin. My skin was left quite fragrant, moisturized and smooth after I used it. It felt like I had used a shower gel.
KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger  DETOX ON THE ROCKS Glycerine Soap

In Plastic Wrapper : KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger DETOX ON THE ROCKS Glycerine Soap 

KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger  DETOX ON THE ROCKS Glycerine Soap 
REVIVE AND THRIVE Shower Gel :  60 ml - Rs. 105/- ,  220 ml – Rs. 325/-
A transparent shower gel with good moisturizing properties. It lathered on very well with my loofah.
KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger REVIVE AND THRIVE Shower Gel   

FABULOUS FIX Body Lotion :  60 ml - Rs. 115/- ,  220 ml – Rs. 345/-
A white colored body lotion with the same characteristic smell. The lotion gets absorbed quickly and does not leave an oily feel later. But I would have preferred if the lotion also gave me a soft and velvetty feel. It sort of gave me a matte kind of feel and thus would be really good for oily skinned people. I maybe wrong but this is probably because of the fact that a lot of chemical ingredients are not used by Kronokare. Also the smell lingered on for about an hour.

KRONOKARE Caribbean Ginger FABULOUS FIX Body Lotion  

So all in all the Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Collection is an affordable zesty tangy spicy smelling skincare range which is environment and travel friendly. It can be bought online from HERE. (BTW I really liked the look of their colorful website) .
Do experience these products yourself as they are quite unique and effective and if you have used them then please do share your experiences in the comments section below.

C U Soon :X
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