Bottega di Lungavita Winter Haul

Winters are almost here which means it was time to buy me some winter essentials. So I headed out to buy me some goodies from the Bottega DiLungavita store which I had been eyeing for a while. I had already fallen in love with this brand after trying out a few samples of their face and body products while on my weekend stroll at the mall. READ ABOUT MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA PRODUCTS HERE. This was the perfect time to own some full sized products that I would be making full use of in the coming winter months.

This is what I got…

#BottegaDiLungavita #Haul #indianbeautyreviewer

#BottegaDiLungavita #Haul #indianbeautyreviewer

Firstly, I got two creams to beat the dry flaky skin problem in the winter months. Anti-wrinkle Face Cream from the Vita-Age In line and the Primavera Romana Body Cream from Armonie D` Italia line. Matching with the body cream was the Armonie D` Italia Primavera Romana  Perfume which had the same fragrance as the body cream. The last but not the least thing I got was the so talked about Acqua Micellare Cleansing Solution and Eye, Lip, Face Makeup Remover from the Vita-Age Aurum line. All the four products I bought felt so luxurious to use because of their texture and smell. Both the face and body creams are thick and velvety soft and they get absorbed into the skin like a dream.

The Anti-wrinkle Face Cream from the Vita-Age In line is an off-white colored thick  cream which looks and feels amazing. It is housed in a stout tapered heavy glass jar (feels like 200 pounds, seriously!) and although looks pretty but has an extremely smooth exterior and very prone to being dropped. So you gotta be very cautious with handling it. I use the cream everyday, morning and night. The first time I applied it on my face I particularly felt that this cream had an immediate firming, plumping and softening effect and this is one those products which I was so impressed with in a few days that I even got a back up of it so I don’t have to run to the store to buy it or wait for my online order to arrive. I don’t think I can feel comfortable the day I am not wearing it.  The fragrance is a soothing mild floral one like most Bottega products.

#BottegaDiLungavita : Vita-Age In Anti-wrinkle Face Cream

The Primavera Romana Body Cream from Armonie D` Italia line is a thick white lotion  which is housed in a tapering tall white plastic bottle which is very prone to toppling but otherwise has a unique design. The lotion can be pumped out from the bottle nozzle in one smooth swift attempt. The nozzle has a pretty shape which makes the bottle look attractive. It is very easy to control the amount of product with this nozzle design. Depending upon how much you press it, you can either extract a pinhead sized, peahead sized or coin sized amount of the product.  I already mentioned that the product seeps into the skin like a dream and leaves a velvetty smooth texture on the skin. But I also noticed a very very slight amount of oiliness persisting on the skin surface which I think is good in winters but if you are still bothered then you could easily dab a tissue over it to absorb the persisting oil. The fragrance is a very strong powdery floral one with a prominent Italian-European feel and almost smells like an intense Eau De Parfum  so if you prefer light fragrances  then this lotion may not be your cup of tea.  Although the fragrance is heavenly, it is very strong and quite overpowering with the floral component dominating.

#BottegaDiLungavita : Armonie D` Italia Primavera Romana Body Cream

Matching with the body lotion I also bought the Armonie D` Italia Primavera Romana  Perfume which smells exactly like the body cream but all the more intense. It is very strong powdery floral fragrance housed in a transparent glass atomizer bottle which doesn’t have a lid as such. The nozzle has a plastic stopper to prevent it from being accidently pressed. The lasting power is just as intense…more than 24 hours I would say. I could even smell a hint of the fragrance from washed and ironed clothes.

#BottegaDiLungavita : Armonie D` Italia Primavera Romana  Perfume

Next I got the Acqua Micellare Cleansing Solution and Eye, Lip, Face Makeup Remover from the Vita-Age Aurum line which I had read and heard about a lot. I was out of makeup remover and needed one so it was the best time to indulge in it. I tested it out on a waterproof eyeliner swatched on my hand at the store and it worked beautifully. The bottle is of white platic which looks big and sturdy. The lid when twisted open spins like a spintop on the bottle neck which I find very amusing J. Its quite easy to open and close. The top is flat with a small round opening from where the product can be poured onto a cottonpad when the bottle is tilted. The consistency of the product is just like water but when touched with the hand has a very light slippery feel but definitely not oily. The absorption power is intense. The smell is light floral and can be identified with that of most luxury makeup removers in the market. The product works really well in removing all sorts of makeup from the face and it didn’t even burn my eyes or leave an oily feel. Infact the instructions at the back of the bottle say that you do not need to rinse it off which would have been perfectly fine if the product didn’t have a really bitter after taste. I obviously came to know of this when I removed my lipstick at night and thought it was OK not to go and wash off my skin since the area was thoroughly cleaned. But, as soon as I licked my lips after having some ice cream in the night I got to experience the most unpleasant bitter aftertaste. Ohhhhh it was horribly bitter so I suggest you better wash it off if you are using it on your lips to remove lip products.
#BottegaDiLungavita : Vita-Age Aurum  Acqua Micellare Cleansing Solution

Quantity and Price :
Vita-Age In Anti-wrinkle Face Cream :  50 ml for INR 1,650/-
Armonie D` Italia Primavera Romana Body Cream :  200 ml for INR 1,350 /-
Primavera Romana  Perfume :  200 ml for INR 1,950/-
Vita-Age Aurum  Acqua Micellare Cleansing Solution : 250 ml for INR 1,350  /-

So this was my Bottega Di Lungavita Haul and Review. I am quite happy with the performance of all the products  but the only hitch is their high price. I bought and will definitely be stocking up on the Face Cream and the Acqua Micellare Cleansing Solution in addition to trying out more products from the brand in future. Needless to say you guys will get to read about it all here. So stay tuned J

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