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Hey Everyone,

How have you all been ? I`ve been a bit overwhelmed with all that life has been offering me lately. All in good sense though :)

OK… So today`s post is gonna be about some online shopping I did awhile ago from a website called which was so kindly sponsored by them. Here I am gonna show you what all I bought.

 #moodsofcloe #indianbeautyreviewer : Online Shopping Haul is an all in all girl`s online shopping paradise. It has delicate and beautiful lacy lingerie sets, sleepwear, activewear,  dresses, jumpsuits and plenty of trendy clothing items that are essential in a girl`s wardrobe. A variety of sizes are available and the prices are very affordable. They have several collections catering to the different needs of the ladies.

My most favourite items were the two maxi dresses which I ordered from them. These were the first maxi dresses which I have ever bought but so worth the find and its even more exciting for me coz it gives me a high knowing that I bought them online, as I am an online shopping addict J One is a baby blue dress and the other one is a baby pink colored maxi dress. Both are made of sheer chiffon fabric with a white cotton and lycra mixed lining underneath. The lining in the pink dress reaches just below my knees whereas the lining in the blue dress goes all the way uptill my ankles.Both the maxi dresses have spaghetti straps which lends them a delicate look. The dresses have a broad elastic band which sinches the dress just  underneath the chest and makes the waist look slender. The fabric is soft chiffon and flows beautifully when I move around. This fabric dance itself is a pleasure to watch, let alone the dress J The floral prints on the dresses are quite springy and feminine but I think I can even rock it in winters by pairing the dresses with boots, a tailored jacket along with a bold shimmery neck piece. We`ll see how it turns out.

 Baby Pink Chiffon Maxi Dress : #moodsofcloe #indianbeautyreviewer

Baby Blue Chiffon Maxi Dress : #moodsofcloe #indianbeautyreviewer

Next thing I ordered from was a satin nightsuit. It has a spaghetti top with a capri bottom. I absolutely loved the oniony grayish kinda base color of this night suit. The floral print also attracted me a lot to it. The capri bottom has an elastic waistband and is very comfortable to lounge around in. Sleeping in a night suit like this is gonna guarantee me some amazing dreams !

Satin Nightsuit : #moodsofcloe #indianbeautyreviewer

The other two items I bought from the website were two individual lingerie pieces. One was a lace tube bra and the other is a lace halter neck bra with a triangular back piece. I chose these lacy pieces in bright coral pink and fuschia pink colors respectively. Looking at the photos on the site made me think that these lacy pieces were gonna be really flimsy and may last a few times probably coz the delicate lace threads won`t be able to resist the wear and tear from wearing and washing but to my surprise these lace numbers are extremely tough, super stretachable, and very comfortable too. I love wearing them underneath sheer tops  and some deep back dresses where these intricate  pieces can lend a whole lot of depth and oomph to the outfit.

Lace Tube Bra : #moodsofcloe #indianbeautyreviewer

                                                               Lace Halter Neck Bra with Triangular Back  : #moodsofcloe #indianbeautyreviewer

Prices :
Baby Blue Chiffon Maxi Dress : INR 599/-
Baby Pink Chiffon Maxi Dress : INR 799/-
Satin Nightsuit : INR 745/-
Lace Tube Bra : INR 299/-
Lace Halter Neck Bra with Triangular Back  : INR 449/-

Overall I was extremely pleased with all my purchases from . The delivery was quick and the items supertrendy, comfortable and budget-friendly. I highly recommend it to all the ladies out there who are always looking online for some unique outfits to make an impresion. This one is worth a try !

Disclaimer : Online Shopping done via a gift coupon provided by the website

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