Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara

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Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara
If there is a product that makes the world of difference to your face, it is undoubtedly a Mascara. I cannot stress upon its importance more than I can say how essential water is for your skin.

Oriflame describes the product as : 
The first in the World By Oriflame. 24x Volume Increase Mascara which helps to create a rich, smooth and creamy consistency for ultra-volume and easy application owing to its BOLD BOOST WAX SYSTEM. This mascara has a lash-grabbing brush which catches every lash for super separation and bombastic volume. Conditioning actives hold on to the moisture for soft, lubricated and conditioned lashes and Vitamin E that provides immediate nourishment.

Packaging : The Oriflame Volume Blast Mascara is a purplish maroon plastic tube with silver accents .It has a twisty-openable cap onto which is fixed the mascara wand with the brush at the end. The lid-top has a slant with the very stylish Oriflame Logo.

Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara
Quantity and Price : INR 529/- for 8 ml.

Color, Consistency and Texture : The mascara is of a deep black color. The consistency is like a thick cream and the texture is smooth.
SWATCH : Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara
Ease of Application  and Brush: The brush is amazing to work with. It is small, slim and compact. The bristles are of various lengths and are stiff, not flimsy. Because of this the product gets coated in the same thickness from the root to the tip of the lashes coz the brush doesn’t give way in between.
Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara

Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara
Finish on Lashes and Product Feel  :  The Volume Blast Mascara  coats each lash evenly and has a separating effect on the lashes too as it is evident in the pictures. This is very buildable mascara but without any clumping and sticking of the adjacent lashes occurring. So for me this is a volumising AND a lash separating mascara. Not only this but I also noticed some lengthening of my lashes so this makes it a 3-in-1 product. Another great fact is that this mascara did not weigh down my lashes till the end of the day. My lashes remained just as perky at the end of the day as they were when I first applied the mascara in the morning. Can one ask for anything more…Please Tell Me  !
SINGLE COAT ON UPPER LASHES : Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara

FEW COATS ON LASHES :  Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara 

FEW COATS ON LASHES :  Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara

FEW COATS ON LASHES :  Oriflame THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara 
Staying Power : The staying power of this mascara is very good. Normally by the end of 6 hours or so I usually see tiny black flecks on my cheeks which are the dried dits from the mascara, but I didn’t see this sort of a problem with the Oriflame Volume Blast Mascara. This is a really remarkable achievement in my opinion as mascara fall off can happen anytime during the day, making for embarrassing moments whereas with other products one approximately knows the time for a touch-up.

Special Recommendations : For girls with sparse lashes who want to make them look thick and full. Also girls who enjoy a more defined crisp lash look will enjoy this product very much.

Availability : This product can be purchased with Oriflame dealers and from Oriflame offices all across India. It is also available online at www.oriflame.co.in

Value for Money Rating : 9.5/10

Overall Rating :  9.5/10

I am definitely purchasing another one of this mascara tube after I run out of it.  I totally love it for the awesome SEPARATION and BLAST of VOLUME it gives to my lashes !

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