Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash Review

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rustic Art is a brand of skincare and bodycare products with certified organic ingredients. All the products are hand-blended and are natural vegan products. I was very graciously sent their Charming Glow Lotus Body Wash which is organic natural vegan and a hand-blended product.  I received it in a cute handy zipped jute bag.
Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash 
Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash

Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash
Priced at 390/- INR for 200ml (70 OZ), the lotus body wash is meant for cleansing oily skin types which is the type of skin that I have. I used it for a good two weeks and was quite pleased with its oil-cleansing ability.

Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash
Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash
 Ingredients :
Organic Oils : Almond oil, Olive oil, Corn oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Vit. E oil
Organic Turmeric Extract
Organic Aloe Vera
Vegetable Glycrine
Demineralized Water
Caustic Lye
Blended organic essential oils of Lotus, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary
Natural preservative of CLS

Glancing at the above list of ingredients in the body wash one can make out that this is a very non-chemicalized product.
It is always a better choice to use skincare products that use as natural ingredients as possible. It pays off in the long run !
The lotus body was is made in India, USDA certified organic and Cruelty-free.
Its shelf life as mentioned on the bottle in 2 years.

To Use : (instructions on the bottle)
Take few drops on your palm or loofah & apply scrub all over  the body. Rinse. Put the bottle in warm water if consistency changes as natural soap becomes flaky at lower temperature.

Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash
My personal experience :
I took a break from using this body wash for a few days while I was enjoying another luxurious product which I will be reviewing here soon) and during this time it was getting more n more cold. A few days later when I picked up the lotus body wash in the shower,  there was a white precipitate in the bottle floating in the light pink liquid. I was pretty shocked to see what had happened! I twisted open the white cap of the bottle and squeezed out the precipitate on my hand  only to realize that it was soapy. When I rinsed it off with water it got rinsed off just like soap and left my hands clean and fresh.  Okkkk… But what had happened to the pink liquid in the bottle ? While I was playing guessing games in my mind, my eyes stumbled upon the instructions on the bottle. “ Put the bottle in warm water  if consistency changes as natural soap becomes flaky at lower temperature.”  Ohhhh …so that’s what had happened… A natural product just behaving naturally :) !
I went ahead and heated some water in a pan, immersed the bottle in it and waited for the soap to melt. Within a few minutes, I recognized the familiar light pink creamy body wash in the bottle, just how I had received it. The soap melted and blended with the liquid in the bottle. All of it was very amusing to me. I felt like I had just completed an experiment successfully in my chemistry class ! Only difference being that the products I was dealing with were far from chemicals !

Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash
Rustic Art Charming Glow Organic Lotus Body Wash
So anyhoo… The shower was usual and good. 
The packaging is convenient to use. The twistable cap has an attached lid on top which can be popped open from one side to extract the body wash from the bottle. The colour of the body wash is a beautiful pastel pink colour. It has a creamy consistency.  The product smells strong, very floral and very Indian. It has a distinct, “desi” smell which we all must have got a whiff off while strolling through the Indian markets. Its smell could be compared to the smell of a strong floral incense stick.

Rustic Art claims :
“Indulge yourself in a rejuvinating  bathing experience that leaves you feeling fresh, invigorated and fragrant. So that’s exactly how my experience was with it !”

Keeping aside the feeling of having a chemistry class adventure, which was quite enjoyable really, I would recommend this body wash for anyone with very oily skin type. Those who are intentionally on the lookout for skincare products with pure, organic, natural ingredeints Rustic Art is a great find. This body wash does its job very effectively and could not be more natural than it is !

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