Rustic Art Beautiful Secrets Organic Feminine Intimate Wash

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Mother Nature is gentle and protective, nourishing and soothing, caressing and caring. Just like Mother Nature Rustic Art has created a gentle, protective and soothing hand-blended natural and vegan product which also contains certified organic ingredients. This is the Beautiful Secrets Feminine Intimate Wash which is created to fight against odour, preventing itchiness without drying the skin, maintaining everyday freshness and soothing sensitive feminine discomfort.

Rustic Art Beautiful Secrets Organic Feminine Intimate Wash
Organic Oils: Coconut, Corn, Sunflower, Avocado, Jojoba
Extracts: Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Saraca indica, Betel Leaves, Cucumber, Lemon, Vit. E, Rose Hydrosol
Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Chamomile, Wild Rose, Natural Preservative of TCLS

Rustic Art Beautiful Secrets Organic Feminine Intimate Wash

The list of natural organic ingredients is impressive and very non-chemicalized. I can`t spot a single chemical agent mentioned in the list of ingredients which could lead to even the mildest of irritations. This itself is reason enough why this product is suitable enough to be used in the intimate area.

Net Wt: 100 ml
MRP: 400/- INR
Shelf Life: 18 months
USDA Certified Organic
Cruelty Free and Vegan
Made in India

Rustic Art Beautiful Secrets Organic Feminine Intimate Wash
The bottle is made of transparent plastic. It has a spray nozzle has a transparent plastic lid. The liquid comes out in spurts on pressing the nozzle. It doesn’t go all over the place like liquid perfume in an atomizer spray bottle does. Such a design is basically helpful in directing the product at the required site and it certainly helps in peventing wastage, gives targeted action and is convenient to use. The bottle is light and compact enough to be carried around even in a small sized handbag.

To Use:
Take a few drops on your palm and rub gently on wet skin to form lather. Cleanse the intimate area and inner thighs gently and rinse with water.

I used this product in the shower and I must say that it completely justifies its claim for sanitizing, moisturising and deodorising the intimate region. A clean, soft and fresh feeling persisted throughout the day after having used it.
The wash has a very lemony, fresh, zesty and uplifting fragrance which can be attributed to the extract of lemon in it and other natural ingredients. 
I would highly recommend this Feminine Intimate Wash to every female for maintaining regular day to day hygiene.
To find out more about Rustic Art and their wide array of organic skincare products please visit the website

NOTE # Why intimate washes are must in every woman`s bathroom !
An intimate wash is meant to maintain the pH of a woman`s intimate area to acidic (pH 3.5) which turns unnaturally basic after coming in contact with regular bathing soaps and shower gels. The natural bacterial balance is violated by these and change in acidity level causes several kinds of problems. Using soaps and shower gels in intimate areas leads to a disturbed pH which causes discharges, inflammations and infections. Women are also more susceptible nowadays to vaginal infections because of changing lifestyle such as wearing tight clothing, use of antibiotics, lack in personal hygiene due to an overbearing jampacked lifestyle or simply increased day to day stress levels. An intimate wash is a woman`s best friend to combat vaginal infections that occur due toany of these causes. It is recommended that women use an intimate wash twice a day for staying clean, fresh and disease-free in this region.  A recent study also revealed that regular bathing soaps and lubricants when used intimately, put women at a higher risk of developing sexually transmitted infections.


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