Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash and Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub Review

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#TwiceasNice seems to be the mantra not just adopted by Garnier but this is also the mantra for me and my friend Bhawna who have decided to undertake this blogging activity in collaboration.

In this fast paced age where new innovations are being made every day and new discoveries are happening every month, one does need a hand at every step of their life to make it easier and more fulfilling. In this social media age where information is power, promotion is the key to that power. As a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger I write about these topics and whatever information I can pen down about these things for my readers I do it after a lot of research and also based on my personal experiences. But unless the word about my posts is spread and unless more and more people are coming to know about my articles, its usually an effort going waste. This is why promotion is the key to unlock the powerhouse of information. One is a waste without the other! Together they are #TwiceAsNice !

Similarly if I am the creative talent behind writing this article, my friend Bhawna has the promotional skills to let out the word about it and attract new readers everyday who might find this knowledge useful. And thus together we are  #TwiceAsNice !

Granier Pureactive graciously sent each one of us a combo pack of their PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash and PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub to try out as a combination skincare regime and see how both of them when working together are #TwiceAsNice ! It was no surprise that each product performed very well by its own but together they produced some fab results on the facial skin.

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash and Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash and Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub
 Bhawna and I shared our experiences and viewpoints about both the products after using them for several days and we both have almost the same opinion about the products. Read on for a detailed review about both the products.

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash and Granier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub come in a regular white colored tube packaging with a lid on one side to let out the product. The Neem face wash tube has a leaf green colored theme whereas the Apricot scrub has an orange colored theme on the tube which makes it really easy to demarcate both the products at one glance.
The lids on both the tubes close very securely but when opened they make the loudest weirdest plastic screeching kind of sound which is not only a bit annoying to the ears but its like the whole room now knows that I aka IBR is going to wash n scrub her face …lol :P
After the lids are opened,  first its time to wash the face and later on we proceed with the scrubbing.

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash 

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash 

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash 

Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash 
Granier PureActive Neem Purifying Face Wash is a beautiful leaf green colored face wash which smells very very foresty-gardeny  and refreshing. If you are having the dullest morning and you wash your face with this face wash I can almost guarantee that your spirits will be lifted for atleast an hour or till the time you can smell it on your skin and hands. This soap-free face wash has somewhat of a gel like consistency. The liquid is quite thick yet flowy but not runny. You have to first dampen the face with water and then apply the face wash as mentioned on the tube. The eye contour area has to be avoided.  It spread very easily on the palms and the face and cleans the facial skin very thoroughly. The face wash contains real Neem leaf extract and Tea-tree oil which help fight pimples and their marks by cleansing away the problem causing germs. It also helps to fight pollution by removing impurities caused by pollution and it removes the excess oil which basically attracts the germs and the grime. It can remove light makeup but you cannot rely on it to remove a full face of full coverage makeup, you will need to use a makeup remover before. Once I patted my face dry I felt extremely clean and felt my pores breathing, yes I can feel it! Facial skin was superclean and very smooth and looked oil-free and bright. I let it that way without moisturizing my face within the recommended 3 minute timeframe after facewashing just to see how it feels. My skin felt stretchy and I realized moisturizing my face was a must to feel OK after washing my face with this face wash. My friend Bhawna had a similar opinion. Even though the face wash cleaned the face extremely well, she too felt that it dried out the skin slightly.  However, I had one more step to do which was scrubbing and so I proceeded with it.

Quantity and Price : 100g for 90/-INR

Granier PureActive  Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub

Granier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub

Granier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub

Granier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub
I pulled out the Granier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub and out came an off-white colored cream and beautifully contrasting with it the reddish-brown colored apricot seed granules which are meant to provide the scrubbing action on your skin.The smell of this product is absolutely amazing! It smells like melted apricot icecream or  a thick apricot shake . I almost felt like I was in a bakery or eatery where I was getting whiffs or this warm apricot smell. But I wasn’t really going to take a big gulp of that heavenly shake, I was in my bathroom waiting to scrub my face! Oh Reality!!!  As soon I applied the scrub on my freshly cleansed face my skin felt damp, slightly warm and very soothed. Then I started the scrubbing in circular motions and it wasn’t the most soothing feeling …ha ha ha! The exfoliating powder in the scrub was working its magic, removing away the dead skin cells while the creamy formula ensured that my skin was lightly hydrated during the procedure. I scrubbed my face for 3 to 4 minutes carefully avoiding the delicate eye area and then rinsed my face with water, Soft, glowy and radiant skin emerged. The stretchy feeling had gone and my skin felt even more cleaner and smoother. It was a little bit moisturised too but that doesn’t give you the excuse to not to tone and moisturise your face afterwards. Those are compulsory my friend, whatever skin type you may be. My friend Bhawna was of a similar opinion.  She said that she hadn’t used a milder yet such an effective scrub before. What she liked most about it was its creamy consistency and the scrub`s moisturising ability.  A thing to be noted here is that this face scrub can be used daily infact daily usage is recommened after washing the face. This means that this is quite a mild scrub which won`t damage your delicate facial skin with daily use. 

Quantity and Price100g for 115/-INR

So, both these products in my opinion are winners and together they are  #TwiceAsNice. If one of them alone can make you look and feel good then the other one can make you look and feel great! I highly recommend using them together and including them in your daily face care regime. I am sure you will see a big difference in the way your skin looks very soon as this is the perfect summer treat for your face this season.

Please visit Bhawna`s Blog  HERE to read her views about the products :)

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