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Wednesday, June 03, 2015 ,

Hey Everyone,

Stud Pleo this side ;) 
Kisses to all the Baby PHATs out there... I mean the Pretty Hot n Tempting ladies reading this review Muah, Muah, Muah :***

My momma (aka IBR) gave me this opportunity to write a review about about some of my favorite treats I have been enjoying lately. I was sent these for reviewing by the lovely Nikki who is the owner of

Nikki, who absolutely loves all the furries like me makes some wholesome nutritious, homemade treats at her home baked doggie bakery. After having eaten my fill to exploding point I want to share my experience with all of you pals out there. You wont be able to help but bark for more. Woof Woof Woof!!!

Pleo Endorsing Veg Kibble treat by BarkonBarkery

So after I told Nikki that my momma feeds me doggie treats every single day for no particular reason or probably coz I`m a very good n handsome boy and also that I`m a converted vegan like my mom (We both give into the non-veg temptation sometimes...Well, what can I say, Never say Never dudettes!), Nikki sent me two treats that  she thought I might like. One was the Veg Kibble and the other one was the Gluten Free Kibble. 

Pleo Endorsing Veg Kibble treat by BarkonBarkery

 Veg Kibble treat by BarkonBarkery

So as soon as the treats arrived, my momma opened one of them and offered them to me. They looked so yummy n cute n all I wanted to do was chomp chomp chomp on them but momma tempted me for some time ...(So Mean of her -saying this with an angry face)... she let me smell them for a minute or two to let me decide if I wanted them or not (Ohhh, How much I wanted them...bhuuaaahh!!!)...Little did she remember that I`m a Gundog and a Labrador and that I had literally smelled the treats from a kilometer away even before the courier boy rang the bell...ting tong ... and I had made up my mind that something delicious is on its way! It was only when my eyes grew wider n wider with anticipation and I had to even obey her `sit-down` command (btw I half climbed the bed for them :P) did she let me savour them. Oh how amazing they tasted!!! Yummmmmm....
The brownish yellow colored Veg Kibble had a firm exterior but a very soft n chewy interior and same with the dark brown Gluten Free Kibble which she kept away for later on... My momma even crushed a few Veg Kibbles between her fingers to see if they can be pressed all the way and all I was thinkin was please please please don`t waste them ! They seemed so freshly baked and smelled so good that I had 5 -6 of them starightaway in the first go. Momma then kept them away but I insisted that I wanted a few more which I managed to get, he he he :))) Oh what a Heavenly feeling I got that day! God Bless Nikki for sending them to me ! Needless to say that I finished all of them in the days to come.

Pleo Endorsing Veg Kibble treat by BarkonBarkery

Pleo Endorsing Veg Kibble treat by BarkonBarkery
So then I reminded mommy one day by poking my nose constantly into my drawer in which were safely kept the Gluten Free Kibbles for later use by me. When the packet was opened after a week to 10 days, the Gluten Free Kibbles were spoilt...They had become infected coz they supposedly had an expirey date as the treats are freshly made and don`t have any preservatives which mom didn`t knew about or I`m sure she would have fed them to me earlier. Oh what a spoiler!:((( But if this would have been mentioned on the packaging then I would have consumed them earlier. Anyways so we threw away the Gluten Free Kibbles and mom even spoke to Nikki about them who said the same thing which is to throw them out. She told us that the treats are freshly baked, they are all natural, chemical free and when an order arrives and they last only a few days so should be consumed quickly before they go bad. But I do feel that the Manufacture and Expiry date should be mentioned on the packaging. Additional details about the treats are given on the website which must be read. So we logged on and discovered a whole range to treats and delicacies ... They even had the option of ordering special Barkalicious Birthday Cakes for us furries which can even be eaten by our pet parents ... How cool is that!

Veg Kibbles : Quantity & Price : Rs. 599/- per Kg
A meat free diet for our veggie eating paw-pals, that is loaded with proteins from lentils, made "Barkalicious" with fresh green vegetables and finished off with a special herb mix for health and yumminess!

Gluten Free Kibbles : Quantity & Price : Rs. 799/- per Kg
"Barkalicious" option for our fur pals suffering from wheat allergy. Loaded with fresh meat for protein and balanced with herbs and vegetables for overall health, this kibble is sure to tickle those sniff buds.

Gluten Free Kibble by BarkonBarkery

Gluten Free Kibble gone bad after several days of not using it

So my dear Baby PHAT lovelies, heres Pleo signing off  ( time for my fruit snack, pure vegan you know ;) and saying please log onto and place your order now for your furry baby. I guarantee it wud be wag-worthy!

Momma says C U Soon :x
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  1. Aww..loved the post..he is soo cute..
    bless him...x

  2. Aww..loved the post..he is soo cute..
    bless him...x

  3. Oh Thanx so much Tej :) Pleo loves pretty girls like you. Come visit him in India :)


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