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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I was recently sent two products by Iraya for reviewing. They are the Iraya Indian Jasmine Face Cream and the Iraya Anti-Acne Gel. Click on the Names to read their review.

This is what IRAYA as a brand is all about :

When we started Iraya almost 10 years back our philosophy was very simple - Ancient wisdom for Modern Living! We firmly believe in the benefits and healing power of Ayurveda and are passionate about bringing these unique, time tested recipes to consumers across the world.
This journey has been interesting. When we started off, we had a 30 year legacy of strong R&D and product development, but times had changed. With increased exposure to global trends, consumers were looking for products that met with their aspirations and needs. What remained and remains steadfast is the belief in Ayurveda. To blend ayurvedic benefits with the refined luxury of a spa environment was a huge challenge in terms of R&D. We also realised that the consumer is constantly evolving, and that the integrity of the ancient formulae and natural recipes could not be compromised. 

We set up guidelines to enable us to achieve this :-

·         Use only the most natural, pure ingredients….good enough to eat.
·         Formulated with care and made with love’ is our mantra.
·         Transparency in declaring every ingredient in the product and its
·         Retaining the sanctity of the prescribed Ayurvedic process.
·         Creating products that are a pleasure to use with sustainable benefits and long-lasting             results

Starting with two Spas in 2006, today our products are used at more than 120 prestigious Spas. We are considered one of India’s leading Spa brands. It is indeed exciting that we are launching the range across select retail stores. Iraya is a complete beauty and wellness experience, and our aim is to recreate that experience, at every spa and in every home.

Research & Development is a continuous and dynamic process at Iraya. Our effort is to create that are powerful, using potent herbal combinations, which can be easily assimilated into the body. We derive our recipes from Ayurveda, and its time-tested and scientifically validated herbal combinations. We study these formulae in depth, its ingredient properties, benefits and long term effect on the skin, before incorporating these into a finished product.

The focus of our R&D team is to bring you the benefits of these herbal recipes in a manner that would maximise their effectiveness while being convenient and a pleasure to use. We combine these traditional recipes with various natural and naturally derived ingredients, limiting the use of synthetic ingredients and preservatives to a bare minimum possible. We realize the benefits of Ayurvedic formulations and the natural healing powers of nature, and our main intention is to present this to the consumer in the purest form.

Iraya Anti-acne Gel Review


The Iraya Anti-Acne Gel is a brown colored gel housed in a quite heavy matt finished transluscent glass jar. The jar has a screw-on matt silver cap.  The product is laden with acne combating herbal ingredients such as Coriander, Lodh Tree Bark, Sea Salt, White Mustard, Turmeric, Nutgrass, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Aloevera. 

Price and Quantity : Rs 260 for 50 gm/1.76 Oz jar

Availablity : Iraya Website

The gel not only a miracle solution for combating acne but also helps get rid of blackheads and removes excess toxins to effectively heal breakouts and eruptions.
It is directed to be used after cleansing by applying to problem areas and leaving it on for atleast 20 minutes and if required for the whole night and then rinsing it off with water.
The gel smells like an ayurvedic herbal concoction and has a pleasant spicy smell.

Iraya Anti-acne Gel Review

I have used this product as a very effective treatment for drying out my pimples sort of boils that I got on my face this summer. I had consumed more than my fair share of some delicious mangoes this summer and I am one of those who gets boil-like pimples on my face if I eat too many mangoes. 
So I got two of those horrible monsters on my face that are still persisting but almost dried out now. When they appeared I started using the gel not only overnight but during the daytime as well indoors. The gel does not dry clear and has a very little bit of light brown color to it which might not show on darker skintones but it is visible on my fair skin.After about 5 days of usage the boil-like pimple/acne had no pain whatsoever and felt dry and crusty and had very much shrunk. It now is persisting just like a painless firm nodule. (Sometimes we can best describe a disease using specific description as in medical language. I tend to often do that even in my day to day conversations due by dental background as that`s how we used to describe various lesions we saw in the oral cavity). So anyhoooo,  the product which didn`t look like it could do much ( ...Don`t know why I thought in my first glance...) actually turned a life saving one...It very effectively diminished my painful pimple and totally took my mind off of it. Whenever I glanced in the mirror while dressing up I hardly noticed those two pimples on my face. And that is why I highly recommend it to everyone (coz we all get pimples, blackheads etc due to some reason or the other) and should be beside you at all times to help fight skin imperfections in a perfectly natural way !

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