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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hey Everone,

Today I would like to talk about a cream/face moisturiser that I have been using for almost 2 months now alternately with my Lotus Herbals SafeSun Matte Look 3-in-1 Sunblock which is an excellent product by itself and I love using it too on days when I'm heading out during the hot summer days as it keeps my skin mattified for hours.
But that doesn`t mean that I`m not in love with the Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream which is a great great non-oily moisturiser for my oily skin too. There are days when I want a little more moisturization for my skin, without the oily feel but with the protection of an SPF and I get it all in the Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream. I was sent this product for reviewing along with the Iraya Anti-Acne Gel and these two products form such a great team.

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream with SPF 15 comes in a quite heavy glass jar with a matte finish and the lid is a twistable matte silver one. The packaging looks simple yet quite pretty but the jar is quite heavy and definately an extra weight to carry around in the handbag.

Price and Quantity : 445/- INR for 50 gm/1.76 Oz jar

Availablity : Iraya Website

The product is for all skin types and that`s why I was able to use it on my oily skin for nearly two months without having a problem with it even during the extreme hot and humid weather in India at the moment.

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream contains Indian Jasmine, wheatgerm, aloevera and basil for skin nourishment. It protects the skin from sun damage as it has SPF 15. The cream smells exactly like Jasmine Flowers which honestly is not my favorite smell in the world. I was indeed disappointed when I read it on the packaging. But But But...this is the first time I have used any product which smells like Jasmine for such a long time and I continue to use it just coz the smell is not at all annoying like most jasmine flavored soaps and incense sticks have. It has a very soothing, calming, mild floral and a quite sophisticated jasmine smell which gives a touch a class to this product.
I will have to fully agree with the lines mentioned on the packaging that regular use of this cream helps make the complexion look healthy and glowing and that it can be used to sooth the skin from exposure to the sun. The moment you apply the cream onto your face it sinks in effortlessly into your a quite similar fashion as my Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsion does. I get a similar feel with both these face moisturisers right after I apply them.

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review
Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

The product is an almost cloudy white colored cream which is not like a thick oily cream but rather is an EXTREMELY smooth textured and translucent appearing product, kind of like how water-based products esp. emulsions are. There were times when parts of the cream appeared translucent to me and parts of it white.  The key ingredients in the cream are Wheatgerm which is a rich source of Vitamins E, A, D and Antioxidants along with other nourishing and moisturizig ingredients like Jasmine Oil, Patchouli Oil, Sesame Oil and Grape Seed Extract. But honestly this is a rare moisturiser which has certain oils within it that hasn`t really done any damage to my oily skin but has only made it look better and better with regular use.

So overall I love the product and I would highly recommend it for daily use as a day face moisturiser even for oily skinned girls !

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  2. i have brought their product that is the neelbhringadi taila after applying i started getting an burning feeling of my scalp and i brought their face wash scrub and day cream i got an itching sensation near my jaw does this happen or these products didn't suit my skin?

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