Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review | Pomegranate, Shea Butter

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review
Organic Harvest is a Brand whose Mantra is BE-YOU-TIFUL is about being ORGANIC.   Organic Harvest brings you organic beauty care range that celebrates being you.  They recently launched their range of lip balms which are an all year round necessity especially if you wear lots of lipstick and that too especially the matte ones. Lips contribute to an essential part of the face`s beauty and not just that they get touched by so many beauty products and food products, the spices, the oily burgers, the dripping salad dressings and just what not! So don`t you think they need extra TLC all year round too? Ofcourse they do! Like you pamper the rest of your face with the best skin care products out there, you need an organic essential oil rich lip balm containing EcoCert Certfied lanolin free of any beeswax. 

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review
Organic Harvest was kind enough to send me for reviewing two of the lip balms from four of their newly launched lip balm flavours, namely; Green Apple, Pomegranate, Shea Butter and Strawberry. I received the Pomegranate Lip Care (in the bright pink packaging) and the Shea Butter Lip Repair (in the bright yellow packaging).

Each lip balm is priced at 199/- INR but the introductory price is 149/- INR so hurry up chicas and stock up on these amazingly priced and so lovely looking lip balms, not to mention that they are amazing in quality and flavour as well!

I tossed and turned the lip balms as well as the paper packagings to see the quantity of product comprising the lip balm but I really couldn`t spot it mentioned anywhere but having looked at it personally and used it for several days now, I can assure that even if you apply this lip balm very frequently through out the day, it would last you not less than 4 to 5 months easily!
Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review
Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review
The lip balm comes in a supercute oval plastic packaging which has a twist on top and on twisting the upper half of the spheroid, it opens up revealing the off-white semi-circular lip balm. The packaging resembles very much with the EOS lip balms. There is an indent at one of spots on the spheroidal packaging so that grasping the packaging gets easy and opening and closing of the lip balm lid becomes easy too. Great thinking to not let the fingers slip off while trying to twist the top. Plus the white colored tree logo of the brand at the base  breaks the monotony of the plain packaging ! I love this attractive design very much for its cuteness ! Even though the packaging is very cute and colourful and lightweight, it does cause a bulge in your clutch/hand purse and would not fit into a wallet where a regular stick lip balm could manage to get in occassionally! However, the bright colored and oval packaging would really  help in easy spotting of the balm inside a handbag ! The lip balm packaging color coincides with the flavour inside of it ! Also, the packaging material has quite a smooth feel on from the outside too...Overall I do love the packaging a lot !

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review | Pomegranate Lip Care

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review | Pomegranate Lip Care

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review Pomegranate Lip Care

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review Pomegranate Lip Care
Both the Pomegranate Lip Care and Shea Butter Lip Repair lip balm flavours have lovely pomegranate and buttery flavours respectively. I particularly loved the pomegranate one over the shea butter one because it has more fragrance and a stronger flavour.Its quite a fruity flavour and I love the smell too.  Shea Butter lip balm has a a very mild fragrance. These lip balms feel very very smooth on the lips and are effortlessly glide onto the lips.The best part about the lip balm dome is that it covers nearly both the lips at one time and application occurs in a jiffy. Hydration power of these lip balms is simply superb! My lip balm stayed on my lips for not less than 6 to 7 hours which is amazing and even after that the lips felt so silky soft and moisturized that I truly felt they were parched before and needed some TLC. This organic hydration definately did them lots of good :) The ingredient list is very impressive and I am sure thats  the reason for the superb performance of the lip balms.

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review  Shea Lip Repair

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review  Shea Lip Repair

Organic Harvest Organic Lips Lip Balm Review Shea Lip Repair
So all in all starlets if you are an organic buff, which you should be, I highly recommend you grab these lip balms and I can assure you you would not be disappointed with their performance. These lip balms are powerful enough to turn your dehydrated lips into soft petals and juicy plums...Sounds a bit dramatic but so are the results!

IBR STARS  :  4.5 /5

'By IndianBeautyReviewer'


  1. The packaging of these lip balms is super cute. Reminds me of EOS lip balms.

  2. @Sangeeta yes very much like the EOS lip balms, but thats just great. I love it !

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